2. Stayed up all last night drilling bubble wrap to the walls of my studio

  3. Multiverse


  5. "Nothing is sane; reality is a hall of distorting mirrors reflecting the grimness of our own pretensions."

  6. Studio Procrastination Selfie No. 3

  7. I live tweeted Kenneth Goldsmith in class yesterday. 

    "Cause my life is dope and I do dope shit," in the words of Kanye West. 

  8. #Inspiration

    (via angrywocunited)

  9. Testing out studies on a large scale projector. #space

  10. From my studio

  11. Gif from new performance project study. 

    E. Jane, 2014

  12. A study from a new project. 

    E. Jane, 2014

  13. Video Performance Aftermath

  14. Studio procrastination selfie No. 2

  15. scraaatch:

    SCRAAATCH performing live for Woman + Machine, yesterday at Saint Lazarus Bar.