1. Shot this today, along with some other photographs for my new project. 

  2. In this performance, I walked from my studio at the University of Pennsylvania to my class on sheets of paper. The paper contained all the language visible on objects in my studio. These objects—flyers, books, dvds, pill bottles, etc.— have been curated by me to create a safe environment that helps me both work and battle my severe anxiety.

    Though I normally rely on sunglasses and headphones to aid me when I’m out in the world, that day the paper was my security blanket.

    I was also sending selfies to my professor, Kenneth Goldsmith and documenting the paper trail I left behind. 

  3. Still from a new project I’m working on. 

    E. Jane


  5. Stayed up all last night drilling bubble wrap to the walls of my studio

  6. Multiverse


  8. "Nothing is sane; reality is a hall of distorting mirrors reflecting the grimness of our own pretensions."

  9. Studio Procrastination Selfie No. 3

  10. I live tweeted Kenneth Goldsmith in class yesterday. 

    "Cause my life is dope and I do dope shit," in the words of Kanye West. 

  11. #Inspiration

    (via angrywocunited)

  12. Testing out studies on a large scale projector. #space

  13. From my studio

  14. Gif from new performance project study. 

    E. Jane, 2014

  15. A study from a new project. 

    E. Jane, 2014